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14 Tabletop Games to Play and Get You Through Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

Players around the world are doing their best to stop the spread of the coronavirus, so they are looking for fun and entertaining things to do. There are many ways to do this, but a great way is to get everyone at the table and play board games, and there is definitely something different for everyone. Whether you prefer to duel in a card game, fight the bad guy with an army of miniatures, or play something that puts your deductive and thinking skills to the test, each player smells different, and we’ve put together some of our favourite games to give you a chance during your fortieth birthday.

If you don’t already own these games, there are several ways to get them. First, it works with local video game stores, many of which offer additional pick-up options so that people don’t have to come into the store or spend little time there, and others have also placed restrictions on the number of customers in the store. So contact your local game stores to see what options are available to you, as it’s better for you and your favorite store to help them.

However, sometimes you don’t have this option and if you do, you can order games directly from various online stores such as Miniature Market, Walmart and publishers such as Fantasy Flight, Plaid Hat, Cryptozoic, Funko and others.

It’s time to choose a game that suits you and your family, and that’s where we come in. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Final Fantasy, Funko, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or a classic board game, we’ve put together some of our favourite recommendations, which you can read on the next slide.


Consequences (Photo: Ice hat)

Few people play games in history, and Plaid Hat neither, and his latest game puts you in the role of small animals that survive in the world after all humans have disappeared. You will strive to survive in this crazy future by collecting waste in search of food and resources and capturing other factions, although you can also be diplomatic and agree with them. Everywhere in the countryside you will discover a rich and charming new world that will keep you busy for hours.

Below you will find the official description of the suites.

Aftermath was created by Jerry Hawthorne, designer of Stuffed Fables and Mice and Mystics, and is the latest addition to the Book of Adventure series of games. In a world where all humans have mysteriously disappeared, players will play the role of a heroic rodent dedicated to the protection and care of his colony.

Speak in the ruins of mankind about 27 narrative tasks. Collect useful waste and food for your colony, but beware of predators hiding in the shade. Use false weapons to protect yourself and your allies.

Play the role of a colorful cast of mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and other animals.
The dynamic card game allows players to perform a variety of fascinating activities.
Taking up threats in a desperate struggle or using diplomacy to seek more peaceful solutions.
Complete missions to upgrade your colony and unlock new bonuses.
Explore the devastated suburbs with the eyes of a small creature.
Each character has a personal goal in addition to the group’s main goal.

The consequences can be removed here.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

Final Fantasy Ghost Knight-TCG-2 (Picture: Enix Square)

You can play various Final Fantasy games on the console of your choice, but if you want to experience your favourite franchise in a whole new way, we can’t recommend the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game anymore. The game allows you to take on some of your favourite characters and challenge them in an easy to learn combat system. You can also get a number of starter kits and games to get the game started quickly and for a relatively small amount of money. If you’re a fan of honesty, there’s no point.

Below is the official description of the two-player trading card game Final Fantasy Villains & Heroes.

With its one millionth sale, the FINAL FANTASY franchise offers a brand new business card experience! This 2 card game has even more trading cards in the Opus VII collection, the newest FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARDS to appear on the Western market.
Start your adventure with one of our STARTERS! Including starter kits:
Two card games for 50 cards
A paper playmate
A set of rules

With one of our two-player starter packs, you’ll have everything you need to get two players directly into the END MARKET of the game.

Exclusive to this starter kit with 8 unique versions of characters you’ve learned to love and hate Unite with your friend or opponent to prove who’s stronger, heroes or villains!

ACTIVITY TIME: 20 minutes. RECOMMENDED TIME: More than 13 Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Villains & Heroes Starter Game for 2 players.

The latest starting game of Fantasy Trading Card Villains & Heroes 2-Player is available here.

DC card set: Renaissance

DC Deck Revival (Photo: Kryptosa)

Opposition games are pretty exciting, but sometimes you just want to unite against a common enemy, and Cryptozoic’s renaissance record in their DC Deck Building Game is the perfect game to scratch that itch. The game makes it possible to play a complete game together and has an advanced and easy to learn system that you can learn in no time. In addition, various scenarios offer a lot of practice value during long play sessions, which should therefore last some time.

The official description can be found below, and more information about rebirth can be found here.

Rebirth is a new evolution of the DC Deckbuilding game that opens up new horizons by adding interlinked campaign scenarios, character development and movement between iconic locations in the DC universe!

Position counts! Players must move their characters across the board to find the cards they need to complete their game and intervene in the villain’s gruesome plans. If you beat the bad guy, you get a reward and the bad guy is taken out of the game. Because they stay close to their allies, they can play assistance cards to help you in your turn.

Here you will find the DC Deck Building game: Rebirth is here.

Immersion in water

Fanhood (Photo: Fanko)

Funko has entered the world of large worktops, and with their Funkoverse line they have many options to choose from. Whether you are a fan of DC, Golden Girls, Rick and Morty or Harry Potter comics, you will find a version you will love and the best way to combine all these comics into one user experience. The wireless monitoring function is very easy to use and does not require major adjustments. So there is no mistake for those looking for an efficient way to connect more players to the desktop.

Below you will find the official description of the radio surveillance.

Join your favourite DC superheroes and villains, including Batman, Batman, Joker and Harley Queen, on a heroic adventure with Funkoverse, a strategic board game that brings you peace, characters and stories you’ll always love at home.

Main points

Easy strategy game. Play as a stand-alone game or mix with other DC Funkoverse games.
Includes: 2 playing cards – Gotham City Streets and The Joker’s Carnival, and 4 exclusive Funkoverse Pop! cards. Playful characters.
Available from 10 years.
Number of players: 2-4 players
playtime: 30-60 minutes

You can buy blankets there.


Notiluca box (Photo: Z-Man games)

Few games are as charming and easy to learn as Noctiluca, and it will be a hit with any group of players. The game has a great artistic style and a simple starting point that requires a deeper strategy than you expect, and are you going to say as someone at our table that we can play again?

The official description of Noctiluca can be found below.

In the remote depths of the jungle lie the Cerulean pools. The pools are quiet and unobtrusive most of the year. But on the warmest nights of the year, the calm waters fill with flickering lights when the night owl wakes up. As the most experienced divers in the country, you and your friends can’t wait to free these luminous creatures from the tanks. Before you go into the water, you have to strategically plan how to collect the notes you need.

You can take Noctiluca here.


World Ice Hockey Champion - Imagination Flight (Picture: Imagination Flight games)

Marvel Champions has become a big hit for the Fantasy Flight Games, and if you don’t have it yet, you might want to jump on board. The game already has many expansions, and the main game quickly adapts to your strategy and complex solutions with every move. The game contains 5 heroes and 3 villains to fight in the main landscape. Even if you just pick it up, you’ll find enough fun games to keep you going.

The official description of the Marvel Champions can be found below.

Use the power of the hero in Marvel Champions : Core set card game, live cooperative superhero card game for 1 to 4 players!

Beautiful masters: In the card game, players take on the role of iconic heroes of the Marvel universe and try to stop notorious villains from carrying out their despicable plans. With over 350 cards, 100 badges, five points and more, the Champions of Miracle: The basic card game gives you everything you need to start your journey to the Marvel universe. Choose Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther and Hulk! Join forces to destroy the evil rhino, the treacherous clauna or the terrible Ultron!

The champion of miracles can be picked up here.

Legend: Beautiful deck set

Legendary miracle

It’s not for nothing that The Upper Deck’s Legendary series is popular with Marvel fans. It contains fascinating gameplay with many extensions and character sets that allow you to customize the game to your liking. The reason why it takes so long is that even if you only take the basic game, you will find a lot of exciting games containing not only the Avengers but also the X-Men, about which not all Marvel games can give information.

You will find the official description of the Legendary: The Marvel Deck Building game below.

In Legendary, players play as Marvel heroes, including Avengers and X-Men, and join forces to defeat the evil master. To win a game, players must defeat players such as Magneto, Loki, Dr. Doom or Red Skull – if they do, players are ranked according to the highest number of victory points collected during the game. That’s why Legendary has a sense of cooperation.

Easy to learn, with the fast pace of the
game Contains the amazing original work of Marvel Heroes and Villains
The game contains nearly 600 cards, a full-color board and the full-color
rule book, designed by award-winning game designer Devin Lowe, former head developer of Magic: The Gathering
Legendary is a card game in the Marvel
Players comic book universe where players select different sets of heroes from characters such as Spider-Man, Hulk, Cyclops or Wolverine
Players, then select the villain’s master (Magneto, Loki, Dr. Doom, etc.) and place the attack cards of that specific villain underneath.

You can have the Legendary: Marvel Deck construction here.

Flow rate

Marvel-Fluxx (Photo: Looney Labs)

Fluxx has long been a favorite on family game nights around the world, and one of the main reasons for this is the many flavors it brings. The game changes with each new card, maintaining a high degree of repeatability, and no matter what kind of fandom you represent, you’re likely to find the version you like. From Star Trek to Monty Python and from Marvel to Batman, there are so many versions to choose from that there must be something on your driveway.

The official description of Marvel Fluxx can be found below.

The cinematic universe of Marvel has come to your table, and Fluxx is there to keep the suspense going! Because this bridge is designed for the mass market, there are no crawlers, but there are more than enough superheroes to fill the bridge!

-This version has 7 extra cards!

– Bonus cards are also sold separately.

You can view all publications here.

Costs and charges XXL

Code names - Duo (Photo: CGE)

If you are looking for something perfect for couples, look no further than a duo with code names. The new CGE game gives the Hit franchise a more cooperative feel, forcing opposing parties to work together to attract their secret agents and avoid Assassin. Core Codenames is fun, but personally I liked Codenames Duet a lot more, and it should be a hit in almost every family.

Below you will find the official description of the code name duo.

The code name duo contains the basic elements of code names that give you a tip on how to get someone to identify your agents from those on the table, but now you work together as a team to find all your agents. (Why you don’t remember who your agents are, is a question the Congressional investigators will answer later)! To set up the game, place 25 word cards in a 5×5 grid. Insert the key card into the holder so that each player can see one side of the card. Each player sees a 5×5 grid on the card, with nine squares painted green (for your agents) and one painted black (for the Assassin). The killer is in different places on each side of the card, and three of the nine squares on each side are also painted green on the other side! To win the game, you need to open all fifteen cops together – without exposing the killer or too many innocent bystanders – before time runs out to win the game.

Each player can choose to give another player a clue in a word accompanied by a number. If you get a tip, put your finger on the card to identify this agent. If that’s true, maybe they’re trying to identify the others. If they reveal as much as the number indicated in the index, they can guess one last time if they want to. If they identify an alien, their suspicion is lifted. If they identify the killer, you both lose!

The code names Duet and Duet XXL can be found here.



It’s not much more classic than Ticket to Ride, a game that has explored all parts of the world through its countless expansions. However, it is difficult to do much better than the original version of the game, and since you can now add teams to Alexa to improve the experience, the game has never been better. The Alexa teams will help you get a more exciting experience and teach new players how to play on the ropes. So if you want to dive in, it’s time to dive in now.

The official description of the ticket is below.

2. October 1900: 28 years before the eccentric Londoner Phileas Fogg took a bet of £20,000 and then won that he could circumvent the world in 80 days. At the beginning of this century it is time to make another impossible journey. Old friends came together to celebrate Fogg’s fast-paced and profitable game – and proposed a new bet. The bets: A million dollars in the Winner Take All contest. Target: Find out who can travel by train to most cities in North America in just 7 days. The journey begins immediately… Ticket to Ride is a train adventure in which players collect maps of different types of train wagons that allow them to take advantage of the railways that connect cities across North America.

Here you can get your ticket for the trip.

Star Wars: Outer ring

Star Wars Router Guide (photo: fantasy flight)

We loved Star Wars: Outer Rim, a game that challenges players to become the biggest smuggler in the galaxy by accepting generosity, smuggling goods and completing missions and tasks. But the only blow we really gave her is that the game takes a lot of time, although that makes it ideal for this particular scenario. If you want something that passes quickly and gives you a deep and useful feeling for the game, you can’t do much better than the Outer Ring.

You can find the official description of Star Wars The outer ring is below.

In Star Wars: In the Outer Ring, you and your friends take on the role of bounty hunters, smugglers, and mercenaries, and set out to make your mark on the galaxy. You travel in the Outer Ring on your private ship, hire legendary Star Wars characters to join your crew, and try to become the most famous (or infamous) criminal in the galaxy!

Make your name by chasing the Hutts, stealing for crime syndicates or smuggling goods through imperial patrols? All this and much more is possible if you travel to the periphery of a known galaxy. Enter your coordinates, assemble your crew and jump into hyperspace with the outer ring!

You can order Star Wars: The outer ring is here.


Keyboard - connect the worlds (Photo: FFG)

Fantasy Flight is back with Keyforge, a new card game that is incredibly easy to learn and features exciting gameplay, imaginative factions and a stunning art style. Keyforge is a fairly recent release in the genre, but there are already several starter kits to choose from, and each of them will give you a good idea of what the franchise has to offer. If you are looking for a way to get into the card game genre, this could be the game for you.

You will find the official description of Keyforge : The starter kit for the collision of worlds is further down the road.

The crucible has been shaken in Worlds Collide, KeyForge’s third era! In this sequel to the world’s first unique card game, two brand new houses compete for the crucible store, with 284 new cards seamlessly integrated into the existing card pool. New houses come with new keyword skills and new game styles to cover a brand new collection of Archon for you to discover, explore and master!

The Worlds Collide Starter Kit gives you all the tools you need to start or extend your Crucible adventure, including two unique games from Archon Collide Worlds, a Quick Start rulebook, two playlists per poster and all the keys, badges and tracking chains you and your opponent need to start the game!

You can get the starter kit here.

TMNT: Continuous change

TMT variation constant (Photo: IDW)

IDW games are big fans of the Mutant Ninja Turtles, and this can be seen in their new game Change is Constant. The game offers a huge amount of off-the-path reading, with two book cost scenarios to browse and two game modes, competitive or cooperative. Add a few beautiful miniatures begging to be painted and you get a few weeks of the fun of the set.

You will find the official description of TMNT : Change – Always down.

Fight with your brothers on the streets of New York City to protect your city from the sinister Baxter Stockman and his technological horrors! TMNT : Change Is Constant is a script based role-playing game created with the IDW universal adventure game system.

Play as one of four ninja turtles or play the role of Baxter and command his fleet of robots, including the menacing Mega Mouser. This brand new item in the Adventures universal gaming system features a brand new campaign and two different game modes: 1 vs. many and fully cooperative! Each adventure game stands alone and is compatible with the other games in the system! Shake the characters of each game and create your own scenarios!

You can order the TMNT: Change is constant.

Mice and Mystics

Desktop computer - mouse and statics (Photo: Games with plaid hats)

It’s my favorite. They’re mice and sticks in a plaid hat. The game is quite charming and contains charming miniatures, an exciting battle and a charming story full of adventures that you and your family can play until the end. The game has so many hearts and so much charm that it must conquer everyone. You can even download a piece of the voice for the campaign to immerse yourself even more in the world. In short, it’s a fantastic game and anyone who tries it won’t regret it.

The official description of the mouse and the mystic can be found below.

In Mice and Mystics, players play as those who are still loyal to the king – but to escape Vanesta’s claws, they’ve turned into mice! Play the role of the cunning field mice who now have to run around the castle twenty times as much as before. The castle was supposed to be a dangerous place with Vanesta’s henchmen, but now countless other horrors await the heroes who, in addition to the size of the figs, are also waiting for the size of the figs. Play the role of the experienced Prince Colin and stand in front of your enemies or try your hand at Nose Bellows, the blacksmith. Confuse your enemies as an enchanted old Magino mouse, or protect your companions as Tilda, a former castle healer. Each player will play an important role in finding the king’s warning, and they will carefully plan to find Vanesta’s weakness and defeat her.

Mice and Mystics is a joint adventure game in which players work together to save the imperial kingdom. You will face countless enemies such as rats, cockroaches, spiders and of course the greatest horrors: Castle cat, Brody. Mice and Mystics is a bold and innovative game that transforms players into an ever-changing interactive environment and features a rich story that helps shape players as they play. The cheese system allows players to collect the crumbs of the precious cheese they find on their travels, giving their mice new great abilities and allowing them to overcome seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

Mice and mystics will offer each group of friends an unforgettable adventure that they will talk about for years to come, as long as they all come from the same place.

Here you can order mice and mystics.

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