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Coronavirus outbreak: Himachal imposes curfew, FIR against 27 for violating govt orders

К : Express information service | Shimla |

Published : 25. March 2020. 5:32:18

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According to Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur, a coordinating committee led by the Cabinet has been established in each district to improve coordination between the various authorities and ensure the availability of essential goods. (photo file)

The day after the death of a 69-year-old resident of McLeodganj suffering from KOVID-19, the government of Himachal Pradesh imposed a curfew throughout the country from 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

The Kangrad district authorities have declared complete isolation in Makleodganganja and placed dozens of people under medical surveillance for alleged contact with the deceased.

It was noted that despite the suspension orders, some people continue to roam the streets and the government’s instructions are not taken as seriously as they should be. One man died here because of COVID-19 and we all need to step up the fight against the virus, said Prime Minister Jai Ram Thakur in a video message to the public and announced a state ban until further notice.

He stated that each district has a coordination committee headed by the Cabinet of Ministers to improve coordination between the various authorities and ensure the availability of essential goods.

Full closure at McLeodgan

McLeodganj is in complete seclusion, where no one may enter or leave his house. McLeodgange has sufficient stocks of all major raw materials. In the event of an emergency, the administration will ensure that all deliveries are made as soon as possible, said R.K. Prajapati of the District of Columbia, Kangra.

Following the death of a 69-year-old McLeodganj man at Dr Rajendr Prasad State Medical College in Tanda, the district authorities quarantined his family, relatives and neighbors, employees of a private hospital where he was first admitted on Monday, a taxi driver (with his family) who brought him back from Delhi, and those working at a food company in Una district where the victim stopped on his way.

The Secretary of State for Health of RD Diman added that so far a total of 912 people have been involved in public health surveillance. Sixteen people have been tested for the virus, Dhiman said, five of which have been tested negative and more are expected to be reported. The ICMR consultant recommended the use of hydroxychloroquine for those who may have been in close contact with patients with VIDOC-19, but on the advice of a doctor, because it may have side effects, he added.

Tips for private clinics

The state government has asked all private healthcare providers to provide data on each patient who recently visited the affected countries, to delineate certain areas of ART (Influenza) in order to prevent hospital-to-hospital transmission, and to provide adequate personal protective equipment to healthcare providers who need to treat potentially suspicious cases of VIDOC-19.

Support measures

The regional government has decided to immediately extend the wheat and rice flour quotas for April and May to families covered by the National Food Security Act (NFSA). CM also announced a one-off subsidy of Rs. 2,000 for approximately 1.5 employees registered with the Council of Building Contractors and Employees. He added that the government will exempt several civil servants from paying their fees and will increase the salaries of day labourers and employees working with an external contractor.

The President of the State Congress, Kuldip Singh Rathhor, called on the government to take special measures for all day laborers, workers and economically weak areas. In remote areas, doctors and paramedics do not have adequate PPE and sanitation facilities, which must be provided immediately.

27 MPC for order refusals

A senior police officer reported that 27 GIS have been registered across the state on various allegations of violations of government measures. Most are associated with people who do not report their trip or who jump home in quarantine, an official said. With 14 IDSs, Kangra reported the highest number of violations, followed by Hamirpur and Shimla districts, where 5 and 4 IDSs were registered respectively.

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