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Coronavirus updates on April 21, 2020.


Many people with a criminal record do not need to register for theCheque Protection Program.

The criminal record excludes some small contractors from the wage protection program.

This should be a lifeline for small businesses to help them survive a coronavirus pandemic and keep their employees on the payroll.

However, government guidelines state that companies do not qualify if a person who owns at least 20% of the company is in prison, under investigation, on probation or parole, or has been convicted of a crime in the past five years.

Future complainants and their lawyers say that the restrictions imposed on those who have served their sentences are a slap in the face, especially from the administration, which is calling for a second chance. Click here for more information.


Louisiana vicar arrested – again.

In Louisiana, the authorities arrested a pastor accused of driving a men’s bus and protesting against the pastor’s orders to stay at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

According to the police in the central city, the pastor of Tony Spell surrendered Tuesday because of a serious attack and insufficient support.

A police officer stated earlier that the speaker had driven a church bus in the opposite direction to the demonstrator.

The person released on bail is already charged with the repeated withholding of benefits for misconduct.

About 70 members of his church were sent to prison to show their support.


New studies indicate that the number of infections in Los Angeles County may be 40 times higher than the number of confirmed cases in category.

More than 15,000 people in Los Angeles County have tested positive for VIDOC-19, but health officials announced this week that antibody tests show infection rates can be up to 40 times higher.

Serological tests were used in a study conducted in early April by the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles County Department of Health. Tests to detect antibodies in a person’s blood to determine if he or she is a carrier of the coronavirus have shown that approximately 320,000 people, or about 4% of the population of Los Angeles, are infected with Covid-19.

You can find out more here.

11:07 PEAR

33 Other immigrants in detention testing positive for ICE

At least 253 immigrants held by the ICE tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday evening, according to the agency’s latest estimates.

Monday, when the number of cases rose to 96, was followed on Tuesday by 33 new cases in the United States. There are currently 4 prisons in the United States – in New York, California, Texas and Louisiana – with more than 27 cases each.


Sudden increase in coronavirus cases in Ohio prisons

The number of coronavirus cases in the Ohio prison system rose to almost 4,000, with state officials attributing this figure to aggressive trials. The Marion detention centre has become one of the best hotspots in the country, with 2,011 detainees and 154 staff testing positive, officials said.

By Tuesday, 3,762 prisoners and 319 staff across the country had tested positive throughout the system. Nine prisoners and one employee died from the virus according to the State Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. This is about 30% of all cases in Ohio. According to the Ministry of Health of Ohio, there have been 12,516 positive cases and 509 deaths in the state of Ohio.

Most of the problems are due to the fact that we do not have many personal protective equipment in this episode, said Christopher Mabe, president of the Ohio Civil Service Association, which represents nearly 8,000 correction officials. Social distance in prison is almost impossible, Mayb told CBS WBNS.

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Cuomo states that New York City plans to double its test capacity.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that the state plans to double its coronavirus testing capacity from 20,000 to 40,000 tests per day.

Cuomo said the jump would take a few weeks at best.

In some ways this is an outrageous goal, Cuomo said. But we’re in New York, and we’re used to disgraceful targets.

According to New York Governor Cuomo, the state plans to double the coronavirus test in the coming weeks.


31. NYPD dies of coronavirus

On Tuesday, the NYPD announced that another person had died from the coronavirus, bringing the total number of NYPD officers to 31. The patient was identified as Sharon Williams, a school security guard who worked for the police for over two years.

More than 4,700 uniformed NYPD officials – 13% – fell ill Tuesday, an increase of 19.8%. So far, more than 4,518 NYPD members have tested positive, but more than 2,600 have returned to work after recovery.

7:33 / 21. April 2020.

Coronavirus may become even more difficult next winter, warns CDCdirector.

CDC Director Robert Redfield said Tuesday that next winter’s coronavirus outbreak could be even more difficult than the one the country is currently facing because it could coincide with the flu season.

It is likely that the attack of the virus on our land next winter will be even more difficult than the attack we just experienced, Redfield told the Washington Post, adding that we will have a flu outbreak and a coronavirus epidemic at the same time.

If America were to face two outbreaks of respiratory disease at the same time, Redfield said, it would place an even greater burden on an already overstretched health system. He urged health officials to convince Americans to get a flu shot as soon as possible, adding that it could give them a hospital bed for their mother or grandmother who could be infected with the coronavirus.

If the first coronavirus outbreak had taken place earlier and had peaked to coincide with the 2019-2020 flu season, it could have been very, very difficult in terms of the health outlook, he said.

7:30 / 21. April 2020.

Retired physicians take on the challenge of coronavirus.

As hospitals in the epicenter of New York are overwhelmed by the influx of coronavirus patients, retired soldiers want to help. In our In-Service Profile series, we meet a group of veterans who pick up the phone and bring their skills to the front line in a different kind of battle.

Colonel Melissa Givens spent two decades as a paramedic in the U.S. Army.

I choked on the thought, but you served in the army for 20 years and now you’re retired, but you still serve your country, said Nora O’Donnell of CBS News Givens.

There’s nothing I’d rather do, and I’m with the people I’d do it with for the rest of my life, Givens said.

For Givens, it’s a life of service. In record time, she helped the New York Presbyterian Hospital turn a football stadium into a field hospital for 19 Kovid patients.

What brings you to this new mission? O’Donnell asks.

I felt a real need to serve, Mr. Givens said. I’m a doctor. I had skills I could offer.

Military veterinarians find a new assignment in the New York field hospital.

7:28 / 21. April 2020.

Monitoring of contacts used to control the spread of the coronavirus

Massachusetts is the third largest case of the coronavirus in the United States, and the number of deaths there almost doubled last week. This hotspot is the first state to launch a large-scale programme of persecution of those affected by COWID-19.

This is called contact tracing, and the state employs an army of detectives specializing in diseases.

Christy Cass is a contact who works from her apartment in Boston. She calls at least 20 people a day who have recently responded positively to COVID-19, and then someone else who may have infected her.

Some people had no idea they were in contact with someone who was positive, Cass says.

Massachusetts has invested $44 million in disease detectives that will reach at least 120,000 close contacts – all crucial to making the leap, according to Partners in Health.

Massachusetts Contact Surface Tracking Program

7:27 / 21. April 2020.

People are very creative: Birx speaks about social distance in hair and nail salons and tattoo salons

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Deborah Birks, coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, in her capacity as US President Donald Trump, at a daily briefing on the new Coronavirus COVID-19 on 21-22 May. April 2020 in Brady’s room at the White House in Washington, DC.

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Georgian Governor Brian Kemp plans to allow the opening of shops such as hair and nail salons and tattoo salons by the end of the week. Stephen Tailor of CBS News asked Dr. Deborah Burns how to safely reopen hair, manicure and tattoo salons… …where people should be naturally close to each other?

For some communities, according to Birks, they would have to maintain social distance if their business did not deteriorate.

But she had no direct answer to Georgia, she said that if there was a way for people in society to distance themselves and do such things, they could do such things. I don’t know how, but people are very creative.

Birks said she did not want to anticipate this situation, but officials are very aware of the expectations of the first phase, and she leaves it up to the state and local leaders, governors and mayors to specify the data they use in their decisions to facilitate precautionary recommendations.

18h43 / 21. April 2020.

Trump says he’s applying for a refund of PPSfrom Harvard.

After the Minister of Finance, Stephen Mnuchin, noticed that some large companies had received money from P3’s and was happy that Shake Shack refunded him the money received, he was asked if he was going to ask other companies for money.

Then President Trump intervened to have Harvard return the money, although Harvard was not mentioned in the briefing. The president noted that this institution has one of the largest deposits in the world and said it will return them.

Harvard subsidies amount to about $40 billion. The university received more than $8 billion from the CARES Act, according to a report from Harvard Crimson University.

In his application, Harvard stated that it had neither applied for nor received funding from PPPs, nor had it received funding from the Emergency Higher Education Fund under the CARES Act. Harvard has pledged that 100 percent of the university’s emergency funds will be used to directly support students with urgent financial needs in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, the university said.

18h29 / 21. April 2020.

Capricorn announces 60 days immigration break

In a daily briefing by the White House Coronavirus Task Force, President Trump announced a 60-day break in U.S. immigration, which he tweeted Monday night. This measure applies to persons seeking permanent resident status in the United States.

To protect American workers, I will temporarily suspend immigration to the United States, the president said Tuesday. By blocking immigration, it will help unemployed Americans get first place on the job waiting list when America reopens.

After 60 days, Mr Trump explained that the break could be extended depending on the economic circumstances at that time.

However, the President stated that this interruption only applies to those applying for permanent resident status. It does not apply to persons entering the country temporarily.

The executive action planned by the President does not seem to change the already existing manual for the H-2 visa programme, which includes temporary and seasonal workers in agriculture. According to the State Department, these workers are important for the American economy and food security.

When asked whether there were any exceptions, the chairman replied, for example, that some people could always enter from a humane point of view, but did not give any specific information.

He said he’d probably sign the decree tomorrow.

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U.S. President Donald Trump plays the role of Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin in a daily briefing on the new coronavirus.

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

18:28 / 21:00 April 2020.

Americans married to immigrants are not eligible for performance tests

The stimulus payments currently financing the bank accounts are intended to help most Americans survive the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. But some people are excluded from the payments, including some American citizens married to immigrants.

The government’s $2.2 trillion economic aid programme excludes various groups, including $2.4 trillion for couples with an income of less than $150,000. Among them are non-resident foreigners, i.e. immigrants without a green card. However, the IRS now states that U.S. citizens who are married to immigrants and do not have a social security number are also ineligible for benefits.

According to the Institute for Migration Policy, approximately 1.2 million immigrants are married to American citizens. The IRS states that only couples where both partners have a valid social security number will receive incentive checks. This effectively excludes legal immigrants who use the taxpayer’s identification number to declare their taxes.

It could also come as an unwelcome surprise to some U.S. taxpayers who were counting on federal payments to get through the recession.

You can find out more here.

5:49 / 21. April 2020.

Criminal record does not meanSalary protection credit

Some small business owners attacked the wage protection program, claiming they were wrongly excluded from the federal credit initiative to preserve jobs because the coronavirus had hit the economy. Another group of entrepreneurs is an even more important barrier to the use of the emergency credit programme: Small businessmen who’ve had a criminal record in the past.

The PPP, one of the first government aid programmes approved by Congress in response to the pandemic, offers low-interest, repayable loans to companies, provided they keep employees on the payroll. However, the programme excludes companies if the applicant owns 20% or more of the company and if the applicant

  • in prison
  • on trial
  • on trial
  • currently under investigation
  • The indictment is imminent
  • has pleaded guilty or not guilty to a criminal offence or has been convicted of an offence within the last five years

The rules prohibit Quan Huyn from applying for a loan for a small business. A native of Anaheim, California, was released on parole in 2015 after serving a prison sentence for murder. A year after his dismissal, Huynh started his cleaning service, which now has seven employees. He was forced to fire her earlier this month when a closed government mandate violated her company, but was planning to restore her with a $15,000 loan.

Two questions about the loan application: Did the borrower with a criminal record arrest them? When I pressed Yes, the uniform wouldn’t let me go any further, said Huynh, 45, of CBS MoneyWatch. It makes us feel like second-class citizens.

You can find out more here.

5:47 / 21. April 2020.

Cuomo says New York City no longer needs the comfort of the USNS.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said Tuesday that the state needs the USNS Comfort ship to arrive on September 30. Mars had docked in New York, not to help overcrowded medical facilities. Originally, the ship was intended to carry patients not suffering from the coronavirus, but a week after its arrival, President Trump announced that the ship would also carry patients suffering from the coronavirus.

The president sent a naval vessel, Comfort, a hospital ship, which was fine, in case we were overwhelmed, but I said we no longer needed Comfort, Cuomo told MSNBC when he asked what he said at a meeting with Trump on Tuesday. He’s brought us comfort, but we don’t need him anymore, so if they have to take him somewhere else, let them.

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On the third. April 2020: The American naval hospital ship Comfort docks at Pier 90 in Manhattan.

Kena Betancourt / Getty

5:16 / 21. April 2020.

The Senate has approved a $484 billion coronavirus control program. USD, increasing the amount of loans for the development of small businesses

The Senate has approved an aid package of about $484 billion. The United States of America pledged $200 million to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, creating a week-long stalemate between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate.

The unanimously approved bill would bring an additional $310 billion to the cheque protection program, a fund that provides loans to small businesses that ran out of money last week. The package also includes $60 billion. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have provided USD 1.5 billion in loans and grants for natural disaster relief, USD 75 billion in loans and grants and USD 1.5 billion in emergency aid.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the deal on Tuesday. McConnell asked for unanimous approval of the measure, and there were no formal objections, although Republican senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee disagreed before the motion was filed.

You can find out more here.

Updated at 17:15 / 21 hours. April 2020.

540 federal prisoners currently have a positive attitude towards coronaviruses.

More than 500 federal prisoners and 323 officers are now positive about KOVID-19, the prison office reported Tuesday. More than 200 prisoners and 49 employees have been rehabilitated.

According to the BOP, 23 federal prisoners died of the virus. Among the FCO detainees and staff in Ohio Elkton, 98 cases are the most open. California RSC Lompoc 90, Michigan FC Milan 81.

4:30 / 21. April 2020.

152 confirmed cases in the Maryland correction system, including 39 detainees

According to government officials, there are currently 152 cases of the coronavirus in the Maryland penal system, including 39 prisoners. The first and only death in this system was a prisoner. He was 60 years old and suffered from serious illnesses that were hospitalized within weeks.

107 agents and 14 agents have recovered from the virus. Six employees are working with the virus.

For more information, visit CBS Baltimore.

Updated at 16:20/21. April 2020.

.710 sailors on the United States Roosevelt test positive

The U.S. Navy announced Tuesday that 710 crew members of the Roosevelt tested positive for the coronavirus, while 3872 were negative. More than 4100 sailors were brought ashore.

Nine sailors have been hospitalized, but none of them are currently in intensive care. One sailor, Charles Robert Thacker Junior, 41 years old, died and recovered 42 years, according to the Navy.

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This photo from the year 2020 shows the ship USS Theodore Roosevelt.

US Navy via Getty.

16h03 / 21. April 2020.

Senate approves $484 billion support programme to promote small business lending

After weeks of stalemate between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, the leaders announced that they had agreed on a new aid package to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The account provides an additional $310 billion for the cheque protection program, which provides loans to small businesses and ran out of money last week. The package of approximately $484 billion also includes $60 billion in loans and grants for disaster relief, $75 billion for hospitals and $25 billion for promoting coronavirus testing.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the deal on Tuesday, and the House of Lords is expected to approve the measure later.

I am pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the administration on a temporary welfare account, Sumer said in a letter to his Democratic colleagues Tuesday afternoon. Sumerically, the agreement was described as the result of negotiations between the parties with Foreign Minister Mnukhin, the Trump administration and spokesman Pelosi.

You can find out more here.

3:15 / 21. April 2020.

A crowd has gathered at the North Carolina Capitol to protest the order ofto stay at home.

The North Carolinians gathered around the head of state in Raleigh to protest against Governor Roy Cooper’s order to stay at home. Demonstrators who did not abide by the rules of social distance marched to the governor’s residence, holding signs: Let me work and wave American flags.

Tuesday’s event was organized by ReOpenNC, whose first demonstration last week drew hundreds of people to the streets of Raleigh, CBS News, a subsidiary of WNCN. The Facebook group ReOpenNC, which describes itself as a peace group, was founded on 7 September. April, about a week after Cooper’s house arrest on April 30th. The month of March came into force.

Ashley Smith, co-founder of ReOpenNC, told WNCN that she believes that the people of North Carolina are extremely smart and can handle the situation without sacrificing their livelihood.

North Carolina was the deadliest day since the discovery of the coronavirus on Tuesday, reports the WNCN. Public health officials reported 34 new deaths, bringing the total number of deaths attributed to the state in connection with the VIDOC to 213,19.

You can find out more here.

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The Renaissance people demonstrated on the 21st. April 2020 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Jerry Broom

15h02 / 21. April 2020.

Demonstrations of the Nurses’ Union for the White House

National Nurses United, an association of nurses from across the country, held a demonstration outside the White House on Tuesday calling for the introduction of uniform occupational safety and health standards for personal protective equipment (PPE) and the mass production of PPE for healthcare workers. A group of about two dozen protesters held up the signs with the faces of dead nurses and sent their demands to the President, Congress, the Office of Health and Safety and the CDC.

Your message was clear: The U.S. government would be responsible for nurses infected with Covid-19 who die unnecessarily because they treated patients in hospitals who became contagious due to a lack of PSA. We do our best to take care of our patients with what we get, but we’re very afraid of what we’re going to do that poses the greatest risk to our families, said Erica Jones, a registered nurse who attended the event.

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Nurses protest the lack of personal protective equipment in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic outside the White House in Washington, D.C., March 21-22. April 2020.


14h53 / 21. April 2020.

Lockheed Martin Printed 3D Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers

Lockheed Martin focuses part of its production on the production of critical protective equipment for healthcare workers in Colorado, using 3D printing technology for the production of spacecraft components.

They will make shields and medical clothing at their Littleton facility. Employees said they were happy to do their bit.

Protective equipment has been provided to more than 25 hospitals in six states.

– CBS Denver

14h17 / 21. April 2020.

More deaths, no benefit of antimalarial drug in VirginiaStudy

The drug, which has been strongly promoted by President Trump for the treatment of coronavirus malaria, has not demonstrated any benefit in a broad analysis of its use in animal clinics in the United States. Researchers report more deaths among those who received hydroxychloroquine than among those who received standard treatment.

The national study was not a rigorous experiment. But with 368 patients, it is the largest type of hydroxychlorokine, with or without azithromycin antibiotic for KOVID-19, which killed more than 171,000 people Tuesday.

The study was published on a website for researchers and submitted to the New England Journal of Medicine, but was not reviewed by other scientists. The grants have been awarded by the National Institutes of Health and the University of Virginia.

Researchers analyzed the medical records of 368 male Veterans admitted to hospital for a confirmed coronavirus infection at the Veterans’ Health Service medical centers before the age of 11. April is dead or was released. About 28% of those who received hydroxychloroquine in addition to routine care died, compared to 11% of those who received only routine care. Approximately 22% of the people who received the drug and azithromycin also died, but the difference between this group and regular care was not considered significant enough to exclude other factors that might affect survival.

Hydroxychloroquine makes no difference in respiratory needs.

The researchers did not follow the side effects, but found evidence that hydroxychloroquine could damage other organs. The drug is known to have potentially serious side effects, including changes in heart rhythm that may lead to sudden death.

Updated at 13:20 / 21 hours. April 2020.

FDA approves first domestic coronavirus test

The Food and Drug Administration has announced that it has approved the first home test for the coronavirus. It should be available to consumers in most states within weeks.

The test is a nasal rinse set developed and sold by LabCorp. Using the sterile smear in the kit, the employees take their own samples and send them to one of the company’s laboratories for analysis.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it has granted the company emergency approval to conduct tests in a shorter timeframe. Initially, the test will be made available to the health personnel and the first respondent.

You can find out more here.

12h52 / 21. April 2020.

Stacey Abrams states that the Governor of Georgia has no legal basis to lift the restrictions on thevirus.

Former candidate for the governor of Democratic Georgia, Stacy Abrams, called it deeply problematic that the Republican governor will lift the coronavirus blockade in some factories as early as Friday. This morning she joined CBS to launch Project 100, an initiative to help poor families fight the pandemic.

There is no legal basis for reopening the state outside politics, and I think it’s deeply unfair to pretend it isn’t, she said about Governor Brian Kemp’s decision.

Kemp announced that shops such as hairdressing salons and fitness centres can open on Friday, while some restaurants and cinemas can open next week.

You can find out more here.

Stacy Abrams reveals the plan to give $1,000 to families fighting the pandemic.

12h48 / 21. April 2020.

The first day of the autumn semester will take place virtually in Cal State Fullerton.

The first day of school this fall will still be virtual in Cal State Fullerton, reports.

Despite the easing of some restrictions in Ventura and Riverside Counties and the state’s plans to reopen, Cal Fullerton State will begin its fall quarter remotely and follow the gradual easing of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Based on what we know, we plan to switch to virtual teaching of the course in the autumn. But we will follow up the notifications of the various health authorities so that we can switch to other methods, said Fullerton State spokesman Chi-Chung Keung in an e-mail statement.

12:45 / 21. April 2020.

Governor Baker Orders Massachusetts Schools Closed for Remaining School Year

Massachusetts students will not be returning to full-time education this school year, Governor Charlie Baker said Tuesday.

Baker originally announced in March that schools up to grade 7 would be open. However, the order was later extended and it was announced that the schools would only close on 4 April. Can be opened.

That changed again on Tuesday. Baker has determined that Massachusetts schools will end the school year with distance learning, reports CBS Boston.

At this stage there are no binding guidelines or recommendations on how schools can be run safely and how children can be brought in and out of school, said Mr Baker.

12 h 34 / 21. April 2020.

Munich Oktoberfest cancelled due to coronavirus

Because of the coronavirus, Oktoberfest will not take place this year, officials said Tuesday. The risk of a pandemic is simply too great and people cannot keep a sufficient distance from each other on the festival grounds, according to Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder.

The abolition of the Oktoberfest, which usually takes place from September to early October and attracts six million people to Munich every year, is a heavy blow to the local economy. This applies not only to the staff and employees, but also to hotels, restaurants, taxi drivers and shopkeepers, who generally benefit from the event.

According to the city, last year’s Oktoberfest had an economic value of about 1.23 billion euros (about 1.34 billion dollars).

Söder and the mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, said that they were normally very interested in the festival, but because the federal and state governments in Germany decided to ban all major events at least until the end of August, it was clear that even the biggest folklore festival in the world would be cancelled.

Oktoberfest was founded in the 19th century. It was abolished in the 19th century as a result of an epidemic. It was cancelled in 1854 and 1873 because of cholera.

11:58 / 21. April 2020

The Governor of New York, Mr. Cuomo, will speak to Mr. Trump about the conduct of the test…

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said in his daily press conference on Tuesday that he would discuss the test options for the states with President Trump at their White House meeting at the end of the day.

Dr. Cuomo said he agreed with Dr. Trump that states should be responsible for testing, but the unprecedented scale of the coronavirus requires federal support.

According to the Governor, the 211 laboratories in New York could not meet the demand because they could not obtain the necessary raw materials for the tests. These materials, such as chemical reagents, are produced abroad, which requires international diplomacy to stimulate production, he said.

We shouldn’t expect all these governors to form an international supply chain, said Cuomo of the president.

11:53 / 21. April 2020

National spelling has been abolished for the first time since World War II

This year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee was cancelled on Tuesday, the last popular social event cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The bee, which began in 1925 and whose last attempt to cancel was in 1943-45 as a result of the Second World War, will return the following year.

My heart has been given to every child he’s touched. As a former wizard, all I can say is that I can only imagine and that my heart is broken for her, said Paige Kimble, the old CEO of the bee and champion of 1981. Our eighth graders are very similar to the high school class of 2020, which is in the ranks of many ongoing heart attacks due to these pandemic conditions.

11:35 / 21. April 2020

New York City allows outpatient treatment in certain hospitals,Counties.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that the state will resume outpatient treatment in parts of the state where there is no significant risk of coronavirus recurrence in the near future.

There are no hospitals or districts where Covid-19 outbreaks currently occur. Excluded are New York City, Erie, Albany, Dutchess, Westchester, Rockland, Suffolk and Nassau County.

This amendment is in line with the Governor’s plan to eventually reopen the staff on a regional basis.

Mr Cuomo said on Tuesday that his office will cooperate with the local authorities and is open to the idea of shaping the region by region on the basis of hospitalisation and infection rate and hospital capacity.

Manhattan isn’t Buffalo, he says.

11:00 / 21. April 2020

The mayor of New York City says that New York City must stockpile drugs because it cannot depend on the federal government.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, said Tuesday the city would assemble its strategic inventory of face shields, surgical gowns, test kits and fans.

We understand how difficult it is for us to trust the federal government in the future–I hate to say it, but it’s obvious-we certainly can’t trust the global market, he said. We cannot rely on our nation to produce products that have been tragically produced in this country, as we have seen when we needed them.

I hope that will change. I hope that our country will receive the signal that we need to start producing these things all over the country again and as a nation to be self-sufficient, he continued. But until that day, New York, we will defend ourselves.

Governments and hospitals are still looking for personal protective equipment for the coronavirus.

The mayor said the reserve will have 3,000 locally produced bridge enthusiasts.

Only two months ago, or even a month ago, nothing like this was done in New York, said the Blasio. But extraordinary entrepreneurs came together for the benefit of all New Yorkers and said: We can do it, we can do something, whether it seems possible or not, we’ll find a way. Click here to learn more about CBS in New York City

10:41 / 21. April 2020

Mayor of New York promises the Greatest and Best Health Workforce Parade,

The city of New York will host the largest and best parade in the world for its healthcare professionals and first employees when the city reopens after the coronavirus crisis, the mayor announced Tuesday.

We will pay tribute to those who saved us, said Mayor Bill de Blasio. The first thing we will do before we think of anything else is take the time that New York can spend on the biggest and best parade of these heroes.

This parade will mark the beginning of our rebirth, he added. But above all, it will also be an opportunity to thank many good and noble people, many strong and powerful people. Click here to learn more about CBS in New York City

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The 20th. In April 2020, the medical staff of the New York City Fire Department treated an elderly person with respiratory problems in front of an apartment building.


10:31 / 21. April 2020

Broadway star Danny Burstein talks about the terrible time of hospitalization with the coronavirus.

Broadway veteran Danny Burstein has received six Tony nominations for his performances in shows such as South Pacific, Cabaret and Fiddler On The Roof. This year he got a tip to win another one for his performance in the Moulin Rouge: Musically speaking.

But in mid-March the coronavirus closed Broadway and a week later the coronavirus attacked the actor himself. At first, Mr. Burstein said, it felt like I was a little allergic.

The 55-year-old slowly developed a fever, lethargy and a crushing headache. He told CBS that he co-organized Anthony Mason this morning.

It was like a migraine on steroids, but it got worse every day, Burstein said. At one point he said he’d coughed up blood. Click here for more information.

Broadway icon Danny Burstein at the Battle of Cowid-19.

10:26 / 21. April 2020

Minority leader Chuck Sumer says there is agreement in the Senate to promote small business loans.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that after weeks of stalemate between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, Democrats in Congress and Trump policies had agreed to an interim package to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Sumer said the Senate could approve the measure later on Tuesday.

There are a few things I don’t need to tick off, but I need to point out. But we had an agreement. And I think we’re going through this today, Sumer said in an interview with CNN. He said he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reached an agreement over the phone with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, which lasted well beyond midnight.

I know that Mnukhin and Meadows were in good contact with Senate Majority Leader McConnell and the Speaker when we discussed the case, so, yes, I think we have an agreement, Sumer said, referring to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

A senior White House consultant told CBS News on Tuesday that the overall framework of the deal was well understood by all parties, but that the final details of the money for coronavirus testing were still being worked out. M. Schumer said the agreement included funding for a national coronavirus testing programme, a key Democratic question

Democrats earlier this month blocked an additional $250 billion in funding for the Wage Earner Protection Program (WEPP) on the grounds that it wouldn’t help hospitals or the state and local governments.

Why do some millionaires get money to stimulate coronaviruses?

9:47 / 21. April 2020

Trumpf pledges financial support to major US oil and gas industry

President Trump said Tuesday that he had instructed U.S. energy and finance ministers to develop a federal government plan to financially support the U.S. oil and gas industry as global demand for petroleum products dries up.

We will never abandon the big American oil and gas industry, Trump gargled as the price of American oil languished on the second day in unprecedented negative territory. I have instructed the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Finance to develop a plan that will provide these very important companies and jobs with the necessary resources to secure them for the long term in the future!

On Tuesday morning, the US stock markets opened lower as the oil price indicator plunged share prices around the world.

Congress has already approved more than $2 trillion in federal aid to U.S. companies and taxpayers, but negotiations are already underway to allocate additional federal funds to stimulate the economy.

9:23 / 21. April 2020

Cornavirus on the Oil Price War Double Curse for the economy of Midland, Texas

Because people stay at home and do not travel during the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for oil has fallen sharply. The main benchmark for the price of crude oil fell below zero on Monday for the first time in history.

Low oil prices can be catastrophic for regions that depend on drilling and hydraulic fractures to create jobs and tax revenues.

In the Midland, part of West Texas, Chris Dockie, a fourth generation oil field worker in the Midland oil fields, was fired last week, just like many Americans. But unlike the others, the coronavirus is not the main culprit.

We got hit with a double blow… between Saudi Arabia and Russia’s price war, which began around the same time as the coronavirus attack, he told CBS reporter Janet Shamlian. Times have never been better for us here. Click here for more information.

The city of Texas is facing a sharp decline in the oil market and a coronavirus crisis.

9:13 / 21. April 2020

This means a negative oil price for consumers and the economy

The world is inundated with oil, as industry and consumers place the demand for oil in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic. And we don’t have enough storage space for that either.

This briefly explains Monday’s strange and unprecedented action on the crude oil futures market, where traders have actually offered to pay someone else to trade the oil they were supposed to deliver next month.

The price of U.S. crude oil, to be delivered in May, was sold on Monday morning for about $15 a barrel, but fell to -$40 a barrel in the afternoon. For the first time, the price of an oil futures contract became negative, according to analysts. What does this mean for the stock exchanges, the economy as a whole and for your portfolio the next time you want to fill it? Click here for more information.


9:06 / 21. April 2020

Why can’t you track the delivery of your Federal Coronavirus Stimulation Control?

About 80 million Americans received their incentive vouchers last week, just over half of the country’s 150 million taxpayers. This means that millions of people are still waiting for their payments, and many of them look to the tax office to tell them when the money will arrive.

The execution of the My Payment received on the 15th. The month of April didn’t go flawlessly. Dozens of consumers have complained to CBS MoneyWatch about not being able to find information about their cheques. A lot of people said they got explanations: Payment status is not available. Others reported that their payments were sent to the wrong bank accounts.

Over the past few days, the US IRS and the Treasury Department have provided additional information on the reasons why some consumers have been unable to trace their cheques. This may not solve all the problems, but it may explain why many taxpayers are still in the dark. Click here for more information.

Millions of people run the risk of losing their incentive vouchers because of their private debt.

8:59 / 21. April 2020

Austria continues to lift ban on coronaviruses and open restaurants mid-May

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that Austria plans to open all shops in early May and restaurants by mid-May.

A week ago, Austria authorised the opening of small shops. Kurz said Tuesday that the pace of the corona infection continues to fall, so the government could renew the plan he had already outlined. According to him, the government will review the situation every two weeks so that it can always apply the emergency brake if necessary.

According to the plan, the remaining stores, as well as services such as hairdressing and manicure, are expected to open in early May. The opening of the schools is planned for May and the services will take place on the 15th. Mai resumes.

The government also plans to allow catering companies to resume operations on the 15th. Mai, with all the staff wearing masks. The number of customers will be limited.

The Austrians quickly warned against waiting too soon for unlimited freedom of movement in Europe. He said he would spend his summer holidays in Austria and could only recommend the Austrians to do the same.

8:29 / 21. April 2020

World Food Programme warns that the coronavirus could double the number of hungry people in the world

Without urgent intervention, the number of hungry people in the world could more than double from 130 million to 265 million due to a coronavirus pandemic, the World Food Programme (WFP) warned on Tuesday.

COWID-19 is potentially catastrophic for millions of people who are already in limbo. This is a hammer blow for millions more people who can only eat if they are paid, said WFP Chief Economist Arif Hussain in a statement.

The blocks and the global economic downturn have already destroyed their hatching eggs. All it takes is a shock – as in the case of Kovid-19 – to push them over the edge. He said we must act together now to contain this global catastrophe.

This statement coincided with the publication of the World Food Crisis Report 2020, which outlines the extent and causes of global food insecurity.

While COVID-19 is non-discriminatory, the 55 countries and territories with 135 million people in urgent need of humanitarian food and nutrition assistance are the most vulnerable to the consequences of the pandemic, with little or no capacity to respond to the health or socio-economic aspects of the shock, the report warns that these countries may face painful trade-offs between saving lives or livelihoods or, at worst, saving people from the crowning glory.

India is developing the largest coronavirus blocking system in the world.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has called on the international community to work together to overcome a possible disaster.

We have the tools and the know-how. We need the political will and the continued commitment of leaders and states. This report should be understood as a call to action, he wrote in the broadcast of the report.

8:03 / 21. April 2020

Governor of California declares that there will be no return to normal in the near future

Governor Gavin Newsome of California says it’s unrealistic to imagine life as we knew it before the early return of the coronavirus pandemic. He sympathized with frustrated Californians who protested against his order to stay at home, but he urged them to think of their loved ones and others when they were tired of fighting for precautions.

In an exclusive interview with CBS this morning, co-organizer Tony Dokupil said he feared the worst would not end for California if residents did not respect social distance and other limitations. Click here for more information.

Governor Gavin Newsome of California at a demonstration against the blockade.

7:23 / 21. April 2020

Spain says that the famous bull race this summer in Pamplona for fear of Covid-19 out of

The most famous bullfighting festival in Spain, which takes place every year from the 6th to the 14th century in the city of Pamplona, in the north of the country. July was cancelled this year due to a coronavirus pandemic, as reported in City Hall on Tuesday.

More than a million people attend the centuries-old festival of San Terminus, where half a ton of fighting bulls chase hundreds of daredevils, many of them dressed in the traditional white shirt and scarf, although the streets are narrow every morning.


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The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

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6:59 / 21. April 2020

Tom Brady downloadedfrom Florida Park during a training with the Coronavirus.

NFL superstar Tom Brady was found during an exercise in Florida City Park, which was closed due to the coronavirus, and was thrown out, the local mayor said. Brady, 42, recently moved to Tampa after signing a contract with the Tampa Bay Bookrunners, and signed a two-day contract with the New England Patriots.

In a daily update on the virus on Monday, Tampa mayor Jane Castor said that one of the supervisors noticed someone who only works in one of the city’s parks, which is closed to stop the spread of Covid-19.

She went to him to tell him it was closed and it was Tom Brady, she said. Click here for more information.


Excuse me! Excuse me! @TomBrady! Our @tampaparksrec team looks forward to welcoming you and our entire community with an even bigger smile – in the meantime, stay safe and stay at home as much as possible to smooth the bend. https://t.co/qRhReqqdK0.

– 20. City of Tampa (@City ofTampa) 21. April 2020

6:32 / 21. April 2020

Italian leadersays the blockade will be possible from 4 May, but a complete reopening would be irresponsible.

The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte confirmed on Tuesday that Italy would be able to attend the meeting of the European Parliament on 4 December. Although she was able to start the reopening on 1 May, she did not meet the expectations of a complete relaxation of some of the strictest isolation measures in Western democracy.

Many citizens are tired of the efforts made so far and would like to see these measures considerably weakened or even cancelled, Konté said on Facebook, adding that such a decision would be irresponsible.

Mr Conte stressed that the relaxation measures would be announced before the end of the week, taking into account the different circumstances in the different regions.

Antibody testing could be the key to boosting the Italian economy.

In northern Italy, which is most affected by the virus and the country’s economic engine, production fell significantly following the cessation of non-core production on 26 March. March’s difficulties in getting the sector back on track – although a number of them have returned to work in recent days with significantly fewer staff.

5:50 / 21. April 2020

The Governor of Georgia has given many companies permission to resume their activities as of Friday.

On Monday, Georgia’s governor announced plans to restore the country’s economy by the end of the week. He said that many companies that had closed down to contain the spread of the coronavirus could resume their activities on Friday.

The governor of neighboring Tennessee plans to move the store to most of its state so it can reopen next week.

Georgia’s work plan, one of the most aggressive in the country, will allow the reopening of sports halls, hairdressing, bowling and tattoo salons, provided the owners meet strict social and hygiene requirements. Optional medical procedures will also be included. Theatres can resume ticket sales until Monday, and restaurants that are limited by takeaway orders can again offer limited meals.

5:08 / 21. April 2020

WHO vehicle used for testing Kuwait 19 in Myanmar

In western Myanmar, a vehicle used by the World Health Organization to transport swab samples for the KOWID-19 disease test was attacked, killing the driver and injuring a passenger.

The Burmese newspaper Global New Light reported on Tuesday that a car with a UN license plate was attacked late Monday evening while on its way to Rangoon in the state of Rakhine.

Rakhine has been the scene of violent clashes between the government and the Arabian army, an ethnic guerrilla group fighting for the autonomy of the state of Rakhine. Each side blamed the other side for Monday’s attack.

As reported in the newspaper, the driver and the passenger, a medical officer, were taken to the nearest hospital. The driver’s father, Piae Song Vin Mg, 28, said his son died Tuesday morning.

5:00 / 21. April 2020

Trump stated that he would sign Council Regulationon a temporary ban on immigration.

Last Monday, President Trump tweeted that in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, he would sign a decree to temporarily suspend immigration.

In the face of an attack by an invisible enemy and the need to protect the jobs of our right-wing American citizens, I will sign the temporary suspension of immigration to the United States! Mr. Trump tweeted it.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has not responded to CBS News’ request for comments.

Camilo Montoya-Galves and Caroline Lynton contributed to the report.

We’re stuck: Migrant women have spoken out about the content of the pandemic after their imprisonment.

4:59 / 21. April 2020

3 million Americans are no longer paying off their mortgage

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the number of Americans trying to pay their mortgage is increasing rapidly as the economy recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the week to the 12th day of the month is very busy. In April, nearly 3 million Americans are at least a month behind with their mortgage payments.

Nearly 6% of all mortgages are in a moderate state of debt, which is in line with the default rate in the sector. A week ago, 3.7% of the housing loans were behind by at least a month. In the first week of March, only 0.25% of these loans were one month overdue.

According to Mike Fratantoni, chief economist of the MBA, this high figure is unprecedented at the national level.

You may have seen such a high percentage in Houston after Hurricane Harvey, but it’s always been a local phenomenon, he said. What’s changed this time is that it’s national. To ban 6% of mortgages, about 3 million homeowners say they cannot pay their mortgage because of VIDOC-19.

4:55 / 21. April 2020

Democratic governors Call White House to help cancel protesters

Democratic governors, who are under political pressure to ease house restrictions to prevent the spread of COWID-19, have asked the White House Monday to help Americans follow these local guidelines.

This request came after President Trump tweeted this weekend that he would support small groups of conservative protesters who had gathered in the capitals of Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia and elsewhere against the restrictions imposed by the Democratic governors.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan called Vice President Mike Penns on Monday to tell him that any support at the national level would be helpful in confirming the importance of home orders, according to the audio recording of the meeting by CBS News.

Whitmer confessed to the weekend protesting her instruction to stay home on the Lansing State Capitol, saying: I know people are disappointed and want to make a wonderful American tradition of disagreement and protest, but it is so dangerous.

Governors ask Trump for more test kits for coronaviruses.

This is a national phenomenon, and to the extent that some support can be given at the national level to confirm that it is important to stay at home until we can reduce these numbers and start from zero, she added that she would be incredibly grateful.

Governor, we will certainly, said Pence Whitmer and added later: We will make a statement today and we will continue to do so.

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