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Cynthia Bailey Receives Unexpected Visitors At The Lake House – Watch The Video

Cynthia Bailey suddenly went to her lake house. Look at the video to see who went to bed.

Someone made a statement: Wow… It was some kind of sign or something, and another follower said: We have them all over Greensboro NC and we literally have to stop them when they cross the border, if you are automatically injured, they are protected by the government. A real son of a bitch.

the pendant said: I literally thought someone broke into your house.

Somebody else hung up on me: He thinks it’s another male goose reflecting on the glass. It protects the female, she’s probably pregnant and needs a nest somewhere. ’

Another commentator said you’re not afraid of people shaking you, and someone else wrote These are Canadian geese. They seem to invade my state all year round. They can be aggressive towards people. Some people attack people.

someone else said: A locust attack, a split in Ohio, a tornado in Tennessee and a coronavirus, and a commentator published this: Lowe ducks leave the lake and go to the shore… something’s wrong.

There’s been a comment: Clearly a woman is complaining about her men eating and he’s sitting in the back seat, all I wanted was a simple dinner for the kids.

A fan wrote: @cynthiabailey10 they’re knocking to let you know you’ve got shit on your porch now.

Some fans have also said she was lucky to be in quarantine in such a great place by the lake.

In other news, you may have heard that Andy Cohen has finally been diagnosed with a new coronavirus.

RHOA fans go crazy and wish him good luck and hope he gets better soon.

He advertised on his social media account and scared everyone.


Cynthia also wanted to say something about this stressful situation.


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