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Dragon Heist DM session report 39_Evil Groundskeeper

Dragon Heist

Dragon Break-in session 39: Wickedness Groundskeeper

With the nimblewright detector in one hand as well as Alec Traybake clutched snugly in the various other, Arvene was handled a speedy scenic tour of all Waterdeep. From the wonderful strolling statuaries to the shanty towns of the Dock Ward, she took it all in as well as had the ability to check the entire city for nimblewrights in much less than 2 hrs. 6 times the detector went off as well as she kept in mind the place of each. She currently learnt about the ones in your home of Influenced Hands, the North Ward see residence, as well as the Halls of Justice, today they needed to make a decision where to examine following: the run-down Kolat Towers, the Sea Maiden’s Fair in the Dock Ward, or Grallhund Rental Property in the North.

Last evening was the 39 th session in our online Waterdeep Dragon Break-in

D &D project as well as our band of degree 4 heroes was surrounding the strange nimblewright that had actually created a fireball outside their residence.

The configuration

We have actually been playing Dragon Break-in online through Skype, making use of Disharmony, Trello, as well as D &D Past to track project details, all whilst streaming our sessions survive on Twitch. To date our document variety of audiences is 8 as well as a fifty percent.

My DM configuration varies from a solitary laptop computer when I’m not expecting any kind of fight or have actually failed to remember to prepare anything, to 2 laptop computers, a cam, some digital photography lights, my Dwarven Forge surface floor tiles, as well as a handful of terribly repainted minis. Last evening it was simply a solitary laptop computer, my note pad, as well as pen.

Extra Dragon Break-in supplements I have actually been making use of for this project:

Citizens of Trollskull Street
Dung Job
Waterdeep: Expanded Intrigue Missions
Scrying right into his scarf
Journalism of Waterdeep
Fragment Shunners: a Zhentarim Intrigue Goal as well as DM’s ResourceShard Shunners: a Zhentarim Intrigue Goal as well as DM’s Source
Fireball– A Waterdeep: Dragon Break-in DM’s source
Waterdeep: City Encounters

Our Dragon Break-in event:

dragon heist

The Event: Dugg, Alan, Arvene, Little Joe

Dugg, Planet Genasi Boxer– self-employed dungsweeper as well as separated child from Residence Roznar.
Alan Crabpopper, Human Ranger– a harper as well as private detective. A wererat in rejection.
Arvene Galanodel, Half-Elf Cleric– priestess of Tymora, phony harper. Reanimated.
Little Joe, Drow Sorcerer– scourge of the fenêtreman’s guild, participant of Bregan D’earth.

Formerly in Dragon Break-in

Alan, Arvene, Dugg, as well as Joe have actually been with the mill. 2 of them have actually passed away as well as been restored. One is a secret wererat. One is being blackmailed by the leader of a drow secret culture. And also one has actually been gotten as a get dungsweeper.

Last session the event proceeded their examination right into the fireball that eliminated 12 individuals outside their residence. They were complying with a lead that took them to the Hall of Justice. Below, Arvene required to the skies, assisted by a pleasant– as well as annoyingly amorous– griffon motorcyclist as well as making use of the nimblewright detector identifies the 3 feasible areas their quarry might be.

A stylish dismount

Joe, Dugg, as well as Alan enjoyed as Arvene, utilizing her typical poise as well as etiquette, dropped from the griffon as it skidded to a stop in the stables. Alec Traybake, her good-looking overview, jumped down as well as assisted her to her feet. Taking her hand, he kissed her as well as murmured something in her ear that made her flush. This was not something Alan, Dugg, or Joe had actually ever before observed prior to. Generally it was Arvene that made others transform crimson. Minutes later on Alec had re-mounted Hoofton as well as the griffon defeated its wings as well as required to the skies again, leaving Alan’s Bureau of Detectives to identify their following action.

Arvene swiftly stated what she had actually seen from the skies. They currently had 3 areas where they could locate a nimblewright, 2 of which they had actually come across previously.

The Sea Maiden’s Fair was a circus comprised of 3 ships anchored in the Dock Ward as well as ran by the strange Zardoz Zord. It was likewise extremely away.

Gralhund Vacation home was the closest to them as well as they had actually currently listened to that there may be a hideout for the Zhentarim.

The 3rd place was Kolat Towers, a location they had actually not encountered thus far this project. Both Dugg as well as Arvene are Waterdeep citizens, so they each rolled a background check to see what they could learn about it. Arvene rolled a 9 as well as really did not keep in mind anything. Dugg rolled 14 as well as recognized that the Kolat Towers were a set of worn out towers in the South Ward; report had it that it was constructed by 2 eccentric bros, Duhlark as well as Alcedor. Both were wizards. The bros ended up being paranoid as well as enclosed the towers in an enchanting pressure area. They at some point befalled as well as Dulhark ended up being a monk that passed away in his very own citadel.

To the rental property

After evaluating up their choices they chose Gralhund Vacation home. Nevertheless it was the closest.

En route there they talked about just how they might enter the estate to look for the nimblewright. They recognized that the Gralhunds would likely have an entourage as well as safety information shielding the rental property which posturing a pizza shipment was not likely to function– despite just how much Little Joe wished to make believe that it might.

Their typical Method Operandi was to enter as rat catchers, employed as bug control, however given that their current ventures combating wererats in the drains they really felt a little in different ways regarding this technique. They recognized from experience that it might swiftly spiral out of hand. So they made a decision that maybe attempting to barge in as well as be sneaky may be their ideal technique. What could potentially fail?

After a short event with a ghost going across the roadway that they virtually absolutely neglected, they came to Gralhund Vacation home equally as evening was resolving in. A big block wall surface, 15 feet high, ran around the premises, which were located in the center of an upper-class domestic area in the North Ward.

Scoping out the premises

For as soon as they took the reasonable choice as well as made a decision to take a while scoping out the rental property prior to hurrying directly in. So, dividing right into 2 groups– Alan as well as Arvene, as well as Dugg as well as Joe– they strolled the border wall surface.

Effective stealth checks from every person implied they did so without elevating the alarm system from any kind of intrusive next-door neighbors. They discovered 2 possible entries to the premises. One was plainly the general public accessibility; it had actually a functioned iron gateway with a huge G in the facility that watched out onto the rich yards which bordered your house. The 2nd entryway they identified was around the back of the structure as well as, although their examinations really did not expose the precise information, this door brought about the stables behind your house.

Real to create Little Joe was maintaining an eager eye out for any kind of home windows which might be quickly leapt with. Nonetheless, given that I was gotten ready for this, every one of the exterior home windows had steel bars avoiding such an entryway. All other than a huge elaborate home window, 10 feet from the ground in the collection. Alan attempted to toss a rock with the home window, however just rolled a 3 as well as could not get to the glass.

So, having actually scoped out the location they made a decision the most effective entryway would certainly be through the iron gateways that brought about the yards.

Ideal laid strategies just function when they’re laid

Naturally as quickly as they chose this, Dugg as well as Arvene walked around the back as well as attempted to get into the stables.

On The Other Hand, Alan as well as Joe stood in front of the iron gateways. The yard past was faintly lit by candle light from your house, however mainly shrouded in darkness as well as darkness.

Little Joe cast Knock on evictions as well as a loud enchanting knocking audio resounded around the premises. Dugg as well as Arvene might hear it from the opposite of the rental property. The iron gateways turned open as well as Alan walked in. Little Joe after that ran around to the opposite of your house where Arvene as well as Dugg were so he might do the very same on that particular door. I’m not exactly sure why he did this.

Wickedness Groundskeeper

Alan was welcomed by an enormous, if senior, groundskeeper phone call Hurv. Hurv had 2 similarly senior mastiffs called Rocky as well as Creed, as well as is actually defined in the Dragon Break-in project publication as Wickedness Groundskeeper. Hurv plainly really did not trust fund Alan, that asserted to be a citizen of your house, however an excellent scare tactics check (21) implied Hurv left Alan alone with directions to leave the premises, as he pulled away to his quarters in the stables.

Naturally Alan really did not leave the premises. Rather he attempted to creep with the darkness along the rental property wall surfaces as well as make his method to the stables, complying with Hurv. Alan rolled a stealth check of 9. The DC (problem course) for this ability difficulty was 14.

While this was occurring, Arvene as well as Dugg were stopping working to get into the stables. With the door they listened to a voice as well as the audio of canines go into the stables, complied with by a strange standing out, thawing audio, and after that silence. After that Joe got here. He cast Knock on the secured door as well as once more a huge knocking audio resounded around the premises as well as might be listened to as much as 300 feet away. The door turned open exposing a tidy steady having a perfectly conserved instructor, 4 draft equines as well as a jet-black riding steed. However no groundskeeper or canines. There was a 2nd area which consisted of tack as well as a harness for every of the equines along with bundles of hay as well as backyard devices, as well as 2 big cots. Still no bad groundskeeper or canines.


The Gralhunds are obviously not an extremely great lot of individuals as well as they paid a necromancer to execute a routine on Hurv– probably prior to he profaned– as well as his mastiffs. To make sure that, after dusk, the physical kinds of these numbers dissolves, as well as they end up being shadowy residues as well as serve as the initial degree of safety to the rental property as well as premises. Alan was almost to discover that failing his stealth check had actually informed the shadowspawn.

As he sneaked along the darkness, embracing near the wall surface, Alan really felt a dark stress hinge on his shoulders as well as require him versus the block. From the darkness an amorphous form stumbled in the direction of him. Its slightly humanoid form offered the impact of a senior groundskeeper, prior to changing right into a high dark extended being that covered itself around him. It tried to drain pipes Alan’s stamina, however he stood up to as well as attracted his tools.


A fast fight experience complied with. For the preliminary Alan battled alone as Arvene, Dugg, as well as Little Joe listened to the stifled audios of battle from within the steady. However by the 2nd round they had the ability to enter the premises as well as help him.

Darkness are specifically challenging beasts to combat. While they just have one assault choice, they have numerous resistances as well as invulnerabilities. Alan quickly recognized his shortswords weren’t dealing as much damages as they could typically. However luckily, both Joe as well as Arvene had lots of enchanting assaults at their disposal as well as the darkness did not such as glowing or fire damages.

They were at some point sent off, crisping as well as degenerating like paper under a fire, however not prior to both Alan as well as Arvene ended up being influenced by their stamina drainpipe assaults. This has the result of minimizing a gamer’s stamina rating by 1d4. Hereafter, neither personality had a stamina rating of more than 10, which will certainly place them at a rather significant negative aspect for the future if they do not look for reconstruction.


Having actually managed the bad groundskeeper as well as his shadowspawned mastiffs, the heroes dragged their surprised leader right into the stables to recoup. Alan took a couple of minutes to restore his breath, however both he as well as Arvene looked attracted as well as perished from the battle. Dugg checked out the entrance in the direction of the rental property; in some way their shenanigans had not increased the alarm system. Eliminated, he as well as Joe looked for a method. As they approached they might listen to increased voices as well as clashing steel from within. A loud knockout from an initial tale home window made them leap as a chair dropped from the skies simply by where they stood. Something fascinating was occurring inside the rental property. END

Second Thoughts

This was an enjoyable session, the initial one with fight for some time. As we dive much deeper right into the rental property I make sure there will certainly be much more possibilities for the heroes to check their combating expertise. Alan as well as Arvene, nevertheless, will certainly require to look for reconstruction quickly or they will certainly have a hard time to be reliable in fight.

What did we discover?

DM Suggestion Make certain you have actually checked out as well as re-read all facets of a dungeon or possible experience place before playing the session. As quickly as my gamers recognized the front gateways to the rental property were secured, they began scoping around the rental property. I had not gotten ready for them to find in ’round the back therefore needed to anxiously seek out what was taking place in the back of the facilities. If I would certainly prepared much better they could have had the ability to make smarter choices, as well as might have also absolutely prevented the bad groundskeeper.

Following week they remain to discover Gralhund Vacation home. The nimblewright detector recommends their quarry is within the structure, however that else might they encounter whilst trying to find them?


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