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Grand Oaks Paseo is a mixed-use development project of the Cal Coastal Communities •

The 22nd. In May, at 3:30pm, a virtual groundbreaking ceremony was held in the Grand Oaks Paseo community with leading developers Jennifer Kim, Jack Phelan and Ted Lawton and a team of RRM designers, engineers and contractors for the groundbreaking ceremony at the project site. Municipal officials and others participated in an online virtual meeting to celebrate Atascadero’s new village of affordable single-family homes, which will be the 200,000th such village.

Grand Oaks Paseo is a multifunctional development of 1.7 hectares, designed by the coastal communities of Cal. Located at 4711 El Camino Real, north of the center of Atasquadero, the Grand Ox community will consist of 26 country houses, 4 living/working units and a community center, gathered around a central park in an open space.

Cal Coastal Communities is a real estate and development company based in San Luis Obispo. It faces a simple and unique challenge: providing affordable housing for the people of the Central Coast.

In the midst of the real estate crisis, the central coast has become one of the most expensive and difficult places to live and work in the country. More than 70% of workers in ASO countries simply do not qualify to buy a house. The average house price in SLO County continues to rise each month and currently stands at more than $636,000 per family home. The local residents (our neighbours) who serve us every day have no chance of a home. They just don’t have the purchasing power. They are blocked by the market and are stuck in the rental cycle that Cal Beach considers the least affordable form of housing.

Cal’s coastal communities have made it their business to do something about it. Based on the design of small and beautiful country houses, Cal Coastal today offers the most affordable housing options between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Luckily, it is here on the central coast of breathtaking beauty.

Cal Coastal has achieved this by creating a unique approach to home ownership that is truly affordable and a necessary step towards home ownership for the residents of the Central Coast. As well as being affordable, housing offers significant added value that can make a real difference in the lives of many people, including lower cost of living, healthier amenities, closer links to society, in an environmentally sustainable way.

Home ownership provides a safe and stable place to live. Traditionally, it has been an important part of wealth creation. The actual effects on society go beyond the financial benefits. As many homeowners know, most of the benefits of home ownership are elusive.

The landlord becomes an investor in the company. They participate in local events, volunteer with charities and help organize special events. They have a sense of togetherness that tenants rarely experience. They are proud to be homeowners because they work hard to keep their house and properties in good condition.

It is this sense of solidarity and responsibility towards society which is transferred to other areas of our city, where they can develop their roots and sense of togetherness.

The Californian coastal communities believe that every Californian should be able to own his or her own home.

For more information, see calcoastalcommunities.com.

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