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Here’s how you can naturally color your hair at home.

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Published : 17. June 2020 9:10:42

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Did you know that beet juice can give your hair a natural reddish shade? (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

We know that the blockade was particularly difficult for those who regularly visited the fairs. From hair to skin care, they miss the professional treatment they were used to a few months ago. Now, with no other option, they are looking for normal household remedies and cooking ingredients to help themselves. This is a good thing, because there is no dependence on artificial elements or cosmetics.

If you’re looking for a quick solution for your hair, especially when it comes to colouring, go back to the kitchen and look for natural ingredients such as lemon and beetroot. Find out how easy it is to dye your hair at home.

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With lemon

Every house will have lemons, especially in summer. Instead of eating it, you can also use it to give your hair an interesting color. Just take two lemons, some hot water and an empty vaporizer. Of course you have to squeeze the juice out of the lemons first. Take a bowl and mix in the juice and water. Then pour the liquid into the siphon and spray along your hair. If you feel this isn’t enough, you can cook some more and pour it into the bottle.

As soon as your hair is completely wet, put on a shower cap and relax for at least an hour, after which you can wash it with clear water. Do it once a week to give your hair a unique shade.

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Use of beets

If you are looking for something more spectacular and you want your hair to turn red, give it the friendliness of a turnip. Take a cup of beetroot juice, add a little water and spray a bottle. Stir well and pour the liquid into the bottle. Shake it and spray the juice on the hair strands. Cover your head with a shower cap and stay in this state for at least two hours before you wash your head.

Remember that although these are natural products, every hair quality and texture is different. So let’s see if it suits you before you actually do it. If it’s good for your hair, you can try one of these methods at least once a week.

Which one are you gonna use?

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Here’s how you can naturally color your hair at home.

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