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Shelter-at-Home? Life Doesn’t Stop •

The economy needs to be sustained and adapted to the needs of this unprecedented period

The show must go on. We are all in a state of suspended animation in many ways, but many of us are concerned with basic community services and we must continue to provide goods and services to those who need them. With our advertising options you can change the advertising in Paso Robles and Atasquadero daily, weekly and monthly.

Emergency response orders have forced us to change the way we provide these goods and services, and our publications are shifting our boundaries to meet the daily, weekly and monthly requirements of our current community. Our monthly magazines reach all delivery addresses in Paso Robles and Atasquadero.

Online banner ads on atascaderonews.com and pasoroblespress.com

  • 499/month for both locations
  • 150,000-200,000 prints per month
  • Advertisements linked to the website, e-mail address or telephone number
  • BONUS: For a 3-month commitment ($399/month) you will receive a 1/4-page ad in Paso Robles of Colony Magazine and two 1/8-page newspaper ads (additional cost $1,190). Must be used during the online exam).

Advertisements on the websites atascaderonews.com and pasoroblespress.com

  • 225/month for both locations
  • 150,000-200,000 prints per month
  • Advertisements linked to the website, e-mail address or telephone number
  • BONUS: For a 3 month commitment ($175/month) you will receive a 1/8 page ad in Paso Robles or Colony Magazine and two 1/12 page newspaper ads (additional cost of $620. To be used while jogging online).

Connecting people to what matters...

Download the PDF brochure

Our COVID-19 Updates page is a source with current provincial, urban and economic information. He continues to serve the company in this crisis. We’re moving from the alarm phase to the recovery phase, and Paso Robles Press will continue to update itself as resources become available to the community.

Since the province and state are aware of changes or updates to orders, Paso Robles and Atasquadero announcements should be updated in time. We offer client-specific adaptations, because these assignments require an adaptation of your company. We respond to your needs and keep your information up to date with the latest developments in your business.

Advertise with us! First place at Atasquadero.


Local businesses adapt to changing circumstances and our daily, weekly and monthly publications – online, newspapers and magazines – meet the diverse information dissemination needs that our circumstances require. Contact us today to inform those who need your services or to sponsor our community content that helps our community evolve. Your support is appreciated by our readers!

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