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The Philadelphia Eagles’ five worst free agent signings of all time, ranked


The Philadelphia Eagles have emerged as one of the most aggressive teams in the NFL when it comes to signing or contracting free agents. Over the years, this aggression has sometimes repelled the eagles.

Like other NFL teams, Philadelphia can say they managed to make some progress in the off-season. At the same time, it would be fair to challenge some of the false signatures they have supplied over the years.

At the beginning of this low season Philadelphia could buy Darius Slay at the Detroit Lions store. The Eagles miss Slay, which gives them a certain confidence in the high school that has been eroded in recent years.

Although Slay hasn’t been a free agent, Philadelphia hopes he’ll be a step out of season to bring them successful results. On the other hand, the Eagles had a number of off-season panels that did not go according to plan. Against this background, here are the five worst free agent signatures ever recorded for the Eagles.

5. Stacy Andrews

Already in 2009, the Eagles signed a contract with Stacy Andrews to strengthen the internal line of their offensive. Before coming to Philadelphia, Andrew spent his first five seasons in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals.

In the course of his work with the Bengalis, Andrews made only 32 departures, 29 of which in 2007-2008. Despite the inconsistency and lack of internal experience, the Eagles signed a six-year contract with Andrews in 2009 for $38.3 million.

A former Bengali picker in the fourth round would have only had two starts for the Eagles in 2009. He was then replaced by Max Jean-Gilles, after which the team released him less than a year after signing the contract with them.

4. Dimitris bell

When Jason Peters crashed with an injury in 2012, Eagles needed someone to fill the hole in his left hand. After considering their options Philadelphia decided to sign a contract with Demetris Bell in the hope that he would replace Peter.

Before coming to Eagles, Bell spent three seasons with Buffalo Beals. While he was with Bills, Bell started 30 games and couldn’t show much consistency in the left tackle.

Unfortunately for Eagles, this information was made public while he was at their home after he signed a five-year contract worth $35 million in 2012. The previous selection of Buffalo in the seventh round would have made only five attempts before being replaced by King Dunlap. His time with the Eagles would have been the last time Bell played in the NFL.

3. DeMarco Murray

Looks like it’s been forever since Chip Kelly’s experiment in Philadelphia failed. In 2015, Kelly’s last season with the Eagles, the organization decided to sign DeMarco Murray to support their rearguard.

Murray was twice a pro bowler and once an all-pro for signing a five-year, $40-million contract with the Eagles. But in his lonely season in Philadelphia, Murray scored 702 yards and six touchdowns.

In addition, the former Cowboys have a 3.6-yard field goal, the lowest score in their careers. When the Eagles left Kelly after the 2015 season, they did the same to Murray.

2. Byron Maxwell

After the departure of Brandon Browner, Byron Maxwell became a prominent member of the Tree Legion for the Seattle Sea Hawks. As a role-player in the first three seasons, Maxwell made 12 starts for the Seachokes in 2014.

Despite the fact that the Eagles started a season, he decided to give Maxwell a six-year contract worth $63 million. From the moment he set foot in Philadelphia, it was clear that Maxwell would not fall.

In his first and only season with the Eagles, Maxwell recorded 10 passes and two interceptions. But Philadelphia can’t keep him. Shortly after the 2015 season, the Eagles sent Maxwell to the Miami Dolphins.

1. Nnamdi Asomuga

The Eagles thought they had won gold by signing Nnamdi Asomugha for the 2011 season. Before moving to Philadelphia, Asomuga was at the height of his career – or, as they thought, he won three consecutive Pro Cups and two All Pro Awards in 2008-2010.

In the Oakland Raiders (now Las Vegas Raiders) Asomuga was one of the best corner defenders in the NFL. But as soon as he joined the Eagles, it was like hitting a cement wall in his career.

Corner Back All-Pro would have survived two seasons in Philadelphia without being able to produce under his five-year contract, $60 million. After a year of 49 flights to San Francisco in 2013, Asomuga left SFL.

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