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Why King Corbin was supposed to win

Just like the rest of the WWE in recent weeks, the fans’ favorite money at the bank will look very different than before. For the first time in history, men and women fighting for a cause will have to go through WWE headquarters to finally get a chance. With a pay-per-view offer, finally on Sunday, it’s a good time to really watch every contestant go to this competition. Who has the best chance of winning?

Trying to guess who has the best chance of winning can take forever, but in reality there is only one person who has to win. Based on a solid reputation of defeats (and multiple choice victories), the time we spend every week on our TV screens, and the kind of reaction we get from online fans, King Corbin here is indeed a solid choice for the winner.

Read why Baron Corbin is the road to success this time and tell us your decisions for the winner in the comments! Is Corbin a good choice? Or is someone else going to win?

Tear-off basket

(Photo: WWE)

Corbin had a bad reputation with the fans because of his precocious personality. His character is based on the feeling of complacency that fans used to feel, but over the years this feeling has become less and less plausible. The more Corbin intervenes, the more his arrogant show-offs have the means to support him. Of course, he often loses, but that is the role of every WWE daredevil. Korbin loses, but he still gets all the chances at his current level. Now it’s time for him to move on to the big leagues.

Basket series

(Photo: WWE)

If Corbin is involved in many important moments such as the resignation of Kurt Corner, the return of Rock to the WWE for the opening night of the Friday Night SmackDown! tournament and the return of the King of the Ring to the tournament, it is because he is so consistent. In these uncertain times, when even the WWE cannot circumvent the limitations of the program due to the effects of the new coronavirus, you need a winner who always delivers exactly what you need, when you need it in the air.

Corbin can support this as long asis needed.

(Photo: WWE)

Another advantage of this series is that Korbin has a lot of experience in working with an idea for as long as possible (think of his promotion to gendarme?). He still uses this version of the character) In recent years, the WWE has not shown much interest in keeping the money in his briefcase in the game as long as he can be active. But that’s because many of the heroes who win simply can’t keep the same interest for too long. Korbin has created a character so deliciously petty and devious that his possession of a briefcase will be boring for so long, but it’s all part of the story.

Korbin has potential this time

(Photo: VVE)

One of Korbin’s best qualities is to turn a small victory into a big one. The King of the Ring Tournament was held a few months ago, but King Corbin still treats him like he just won that night. He’s a hilarious daredevil we’ve already seen in 2017 when he had a case, but this time he’s fed by the advances mentioned above and the increase in airtime in recent years. If he gets a briefcase, he’ll be at the top of SmackDown’s rogue list and he’ll probably still be wearing that crown.

What if he wins the title? You will surely be King Corbin. He’ll probably even call himself Lord Corbin or something. Even a defeat a year after his retirement will not hurt him, because last time he could recover better! This time he has more momentum than anyone else in the game.

SmackDown needs the best bad guy

(Photo: WWE)

After all, it’s the bad guys who need SmackDown. Thanks to Goldberg’s victory and a novel about a coronavirus pandemic that wiped out the Roman kingdom, Wyatt lost the momentum. It is very likely that he will now be a fan favorite, who after the extremely positive reaction to the Firefly Fun House contest at Wrestlemania 36 will also participate in all his races. Without the bad guy upstairs, he left a noticeable void, and Corbin hates him anyway. Why don’t you channel that energy?

What fun would there be in cheating?.

(Photo: WWE)

Imagine what it would be like if King Corbin cheated to win that special money game at the bank. Anything can happen at WWE headquarters, so imagine how much fun it would be if we lost sight of Corbin during the game and ended up in a briefcase. This would certainly lead to a separation of the network, but now it is time to do so. Honestly, Korbin’s victory with the old methods is going to provoke a huge crowd reaction, so why stop now?

What do you think?

(Photo: WWE)

How do you rate the chances of King Corbin getting money from the bank this weekend? You think he’s gonna win, but he’s gonna lose if he tries to make money like last time? Do you think if he wins, he’ll get the long case? If it’s not King Corbin, who has the best chance of winning the game? Who looks better with a briefcase and maybe a championship on the ground floor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!roman reigns plans,wwe plans,wwe plans for wrestlemania 36,wrestlemania plans

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